Wed Apr 16 @18:30 -
Make Do and Mend

Informal Make Do and Mend group in the bar area. make do and mend final

Wed Apr 16 @19:00 - 10:00PM
Beyond Europe? A discussion with German group Ums Ganze
A discussion on the prospects for creating European wide social movements and struggles.ums ganzefinal

We hope to discuss current developments in Germany (including self-organised migrant struggles, large scale housing struggles in Hamburg and increasing police repression) as well as perspectives on the current European crisis and emerging European social movements. We are also hoping to discuss the European wide Anti-Fascist conference which will have taken place the week before in Athens.


Who are ...ums Ganze!: ...uG! are an anti-capitalist alliance of 11 groups based in Germany and Austria. he term “...ums Ganze!” can be roughly translated as “...to the whole (thing)!” and means that the alliance’s focus lies in anti-authoritarian analysis and critiques which cover the totality of the state, nation and capital. Emerging from the anti-G8 mobilisation in Rostock, Germany in 2007 they are currently involved in the mobilisation for Blockupy 2014, the anti-racist campaign "Fight Racism Now!" as well as struggles in their local regions. ...ums Ganze! are members of the Beyond Europe initiative alongside Plan C and other groups.


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Thu Apr 17 @20:00 - 11:00PM
Hot City Nights EP Launch


Goodbye Chanel


Vinyl Jacket


Jasper House


£5 adv./£4 for members


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Sat Apr 19 @15:00 - 11:00PM
Strangeforms 2014

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bad owl presents...

Strangeforms 2014

10pm - Latitudes
8pm - Lost In The Riots
7pm - Polymath
6pm - Envoys
5pm - Vasa
4pm - Himself
3pm - Sunwølf

Weekend tickets cost £15 and are strictly limited to 150. Available from here, Jumbo Records, Crash Records. And in person at Wharf Chambers (no booking fee)

Sun Apr 20 @15:00 - 11:00PM
Strangeforms 2014

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10pm - Codes In The Clouds
8pm - Cleft
6pm - Alpha Male Tea Party
4pm - Tidings
3pm - The Program


Tue Apr 22 @20:00 - 11:00PM
MV Carbon & Foldhead & Smut

MV Carbon New York based noise making artiste extraordinaire utilises electric mvcspurscello/synth/voice/tape loops/whatever objects neccessary to make whirring, creeping, electronic gnarl. She's performed/exhibited at MoMA's PS1, the Guggenheim's travelling Lab, been artist in residence at Issue Project Room, and played live with Tony Conrad in the Turbine Room at the Tate Modern. Other collaborations have featured the likes of C Spencer Yeh, Aki Onda, Smegma and Carlos Giffoni and she's released records on Load, No Fun and Ecstatic Peace. Foldhead Paul Walsh, (current Early Hominid, ex-Smell and Quimmer) transmits high impact fuzz blast. Smut Noise/drone from Lucy Johnson, also of Indian Lady, Space Victim and Witchblood.



Wed Apr 23 @18:30 -
Make Do and Mend

Informal Make Do and Mend group in the bar area. make do and mend final

Thu Apr 24 @19:00 - 09:00PM
Audio-Visual Installation

A collaboration between Leeds College of Music and Leeds College of Art students brings an immersive audio-visual art installation. With music fusing elements of electronic dance music, experimental electronic music and post rock, all in 5.1 surround sound with hazy, distorted projected visuals on three sides to create an engrossing experience. The installation focuses in on a 10 minute piece which will be performed at 8pm, but making use of generative music and visual techniques, when not be being performed the installation will simmer in a more ambient state.



Fri Apr 25 @11:30 - 05:00AM
Tomorrow People present Lux

Tomorrow people present a night of lazery experimental bass and beats. Known as (future music). A release party for lowe frequencys. EP Released on tp records in march/ april. A true stimulation of the senses. The only place to hear this form of diverse futuristic tribalistic music along these lines.


£2 entry


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Sat Apr 26 @13:00 - 05:00PM
Up Spark! Electronics Workshop

Ever wanted to learn more about electronics? Already know plenty, but want to borrow some equipment for a project you're working on? Just want to show off the cool bleeping things you've made? Think circuit boards look totally rad? Then come to an electronics workshop!

Up Spark! is a free workshop for anyone and everyone, no matter if you're an expert or have never seen a soldering iron before. We'll be preparing projects suitable for absolute beginners that you can make on the day, but equipment will be available for whatever you want to make or do. If you'd just like to come down and chat with other people who think the idea of fiddling with transistors is neat then that's great too!