Fri Jul 25 @19:00 -
Wedding Birthday




Sat Jul 26 @20:00 -
Queer We Go 4

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo! I am not shitting you. this Queer We Go is THE ONE. If you miss this then you queerwego4finalwill probably regret it forever... cuz thats how long people are gunna be going on about it.The




SHOPPING - From the London- shopping are propulsive bass lines, primitive disco-not-disco drums and guitar lines sharp as broken glass .

EXECUTIVE LEGS - leeds band with many keyboards and much happy dancing songs about dinosaurs and other things that you like

SISSY HEX - Leeds Minimal brutalist no wave trio. Ex-Etai Keshiki. Such Noise. Wow

LIINES - ex-(hooker) raw energy and pounding beats. emotive, dirty and beautiful. 

FAGGOT - also from the london 2 queer boys, dirty fags both, singing songs your father warned you about

DISPUTE SETTLEMENT MECHANISM - 3 piece noise punk from that secret hotbed of queer awesomeness 'Leamington SPA' feat members of NOT RIGHT 


The DJ's!


DJ CUT LOOSE- Comin all the way from Berlin to show us a good time Hip Hop, booty bass, sexy pop music. 




A GAME STATION! - not everyone feels sociable yo.. some people wanna play on a snes


QUEER VEGAN BRUNCH CREW – they make food. Its tasty. and queer


OPEN MIC – we all know you have talents, don't be shy, come show us all. Guaranteed supportive friendly crowd 50 life confidence EXP up for grabs.




This time it costs £5. And will be a benefit for the Leeds Trans Health Care Fundz

Obviously as usual if you dont have £5 you can still come. Just either help me out by doing a door shift or contributing something to the event or just chip in what you can. 


If you wanna get involved at all or contribute to the event with some art, some cakes, a performance, a workshop.. whatever you want plz get in touch.

If you are from not Leeds and would like to come but maybe need crash space. Also get in touch and will see what we can do.


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*bands lyrical content may contain things about sexism, mental illness, sexual agency for women, abusive relationships, mentions of rape, transphobia, consumerism, state violence, sexual assault, insomnia. for more information please email gibbins.danny[at]gmail.com*

Sun Jul 27 @19:30 - 12:00AM

is JJD, a former Vancouverite based out of the UK, using an arsenal of
synthesisers, mixers, effects and lighting to fill rooms with sinister, minimalist electronic "pop" songs equally influenced from dystopian film, soundtracks, psychedelia and various types of "wave" music. Soft Riot has released two albums, the first being "No Longer Stranger" on Volar Records and the latest album "Fiction Prediction", released on LP/CD/Cassette/Digital last year on Other Voices/Volar Records. Soft Riot has toured Europe and number of times, including cities as far as Moscow. 


Formed from the depths of Doncaster blackest coal face, raised where the past is demolished to make way for more faceless concrete; this is Jan Doyle Band. Synthesisers drone, synthesisers shriek, synthesisers saw. Drum machines robotically pulse and pound like devices crashing against the coal face. The human voice rebels and against the machines, the body writhes to prevent absorbtion into the mechanical society. The words protest the state victimisation of the poor, the beatings the heart takes for love and lament the crushing of our futures.


TERROR BIRD Vancouver-based songwriter, performer, and musician./// TERROR BIRD has releases on ROUGH TRADE, NIGHT SCHOOL, SVN SNS, NIGHT PEOPLE, ADAGIO 830, DZ TAPES, & more. /// She is inspired by art, modern dance, music bios, aerobics & L.O.V.E./// In 1992, the crotch of David Bowie's character in the hit movie, The Labyrinth gave her special powers, allowing her to write 100s of songs. This show is part of their European tour. A rare opportunity to see this artist.




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Mon Jul 28 @19:00 -

Really gross noise rock from Glasgow. 

Punky, grindy hardcore from Leeds.

Excellent screamo from Leeds, go listen to their new 7".

Brand new Leeds band, first show.


£3 OTD, doors at 7PM, come and have a nice time.


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Wed Jul 30 @18:30 -
Make Do and Mend

Informal Make Do and Mend group in the bar area. make do and mend final

Wed Jul 30 @20:00 -
Perfect Pussy // Joanna Gruesome


Probably best not to google this. Perfect Pussy are a hardcore band from Syracuse, USA and they just released one of my favourite records of the year, 'Say Yes To Love', through the great Captured Tracks label.


Noisy indie pop played by punk kids from Cardiff and Canada. Their LP 'Weird Sister' came out last year on Slumberland/Fortuna Pop and is pretty much all I've listened to since.





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Thu Jul 31 @19:00 - 11:00PM



Advance tickets on sale now! 



ECLECTICA & BOMB THE TWIST present a non-profit hot music night as a preview and fundraiser for the Eclectica Project Launch Event taking place at Kraak Manchester on 2-3 August 2014 to launch the new ECLECTICA PROJECT advocating equality for women and minorities in all industries.

Featuring 3 of the female-led bands performing on the Manchester lineup, from 3 of the most exciting cities in Europe (Paris, London, Manchester), this night is to celebrate international women in music and industry.


Hailing from Berlin, London-based Nina and band will be touring their moody and catchy electropop sounds to the north of England. Nina's lyrics infuse historical Prussian and Baltic influences such as fairytales and folklore with the sounds of today‘s cityscapes: synths and electronic beats, creating a feeling of mortality that spans centuries: “I’ve always been very spiritual, even as a child. I never belonged to a certain society, religion or belief. I feel as though I must persevere on my own terms in order to be free.



In opal fields, you have to pierce through layers of rock to discover a gem. Paris-based Opale’s first album L’Incandescent holds a single direction throughout the 35-minute duration and is graciously supported with a band of cold and melancholic analog keyboards and soft, haunting voices. Nowhere to go and nothing to feel is the single story sung in English, French, and Spanish. Through cities of light and the waking of lost spirits, Opale will take you on a trip that may be your last. Opale is Sophia Hamadi and Rocio Ortiz. Sophia joins us from Paris for a special DJ set. 


One of the best-kept experimental secrets of Manchester: “We are a sum of two halves, founded by chance and brought together to realise our musical craft. We love beauty and we want to create something beautiful. We’re explorers.”

Hysterical Injury are a noise pop bass drums duo from South Wales via the West Country UK. Formed in 2007 as a three piece, they are now brother and sister Annie and Tom Gardiner. They have played hundreds of shows and supported many great bands including Lightning Bolt, Marnie Stern, Men, She Keeps Bees, Mike Watt, Black Pus, The Primitives, Katie Stelmanis (Austra), Screaming Females and many more


We will also run a raffle!!


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Sun Aug 03
The Queer Alternative Post Pride Drinks

On the 3rd August, Leeds and beyond will come together to say "it's OK to be me whatever that may be". Do you believe in that ethos? Would you like to walk through the city and then go to the pub afterwards to support that?

For the first time this year, The Queer Alternative is participating in the Leeds LGBT+ Pride march with the primary aim of creating greater exposure and acceptance of alternative people within mainstream queer culture and LGBT+ people within the goth, metal, punk and alternative scenes.


As ever, we have a broadly inclusive policy on who can join us in the Parade, with an open invitation to our straight and label-defying allies, as well as out LGBT+ people.


This year's theme is Love and Marriage, to celebrate the milestone that same sex marriage in the UK represents for LGBT+ rights. The Queer Alternative is committed to supporting all forms of partnership (including of course the absence thereof) so we are inviting you to go wild with your own vision of love and partnership, be it marriage or ...


The evening before the march, Saturday, we will warm up at Infernal at The Library, and we are looking forward to seeing some of you there.


On the big day Sunday, arrive at Browns at the corner of The Headrow and Park Row between 10:30 and 11:30 to prep, chat, and enjoy a breakfast. We'll be heading to Millenium Square at 12:00 to attend the pre-march show there. The march sets off at 14:00. 


After the march we will head to Wharf Chambers on Wharf Street to enjoy the second half of the afternoon around drinks.


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Wed Aug 06 @18:30 -
Make Do and Mend

Informal Make Do and Mend group in the bar area. make do and mend final

Wed Aug 06 @19:00 - 09:00PM
The Woolly Hearts Club
The Woolly Hearts club is an organisation that meets monthly to try to make a difference in whcfinalpeople's lives. 
Originally a project set up to help the homeless, The Woolly Hearts Club get together to knit warm garments and blankets for those in need, whilst also getting the chance to meet like-minded people over a glass of wine!
We also have a postal option for those unavailable to attend Club meetings. This will involve clothing being sent to the Club and being distributed to the homeless by the Club as it is received.
The meetings will be held at Wharf Chambers, Leeds on the first Wednesday of every month, 7-9pm.
So if you want to make a difference to people's lives...Join the Club.