Wed Jul 30 @18:30 -
Make Do and Mend

Informal Make Do and Mend group in the bar area. make do and mend final

Wed Jul 30 @20:00 -
Perfect Pussy // Joanna Gruesome


Probably best not to google this. Perfect Pussy are a hardcore band from Syracuse, USA and they just released one of my favourite records of the year, 'Say Yes To Love', through the great Captured Tracks label.


Noisy indie pop played by punk kids from Cardiff and Canada. Their LP 'Weird Sister' came out last year on Slumberland/Fortuna Pop and is pretty much all I've listened to since.





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Thu Jul 31 @19:00 - 11:00PM



Advance tickets on sale now! 



ECLECTICA & BOMB THE TWIST present a non-profit hot music night as a preview and fundraiser for the Eclectica Project Launch Event taking place at Kraak Manchester on 2-3 August 2014 to launch the new ECLECTICA PROJECT advocating equality for women and minorities in all industries.

Featuring 3 of the female-led bands performing on the Manchester lineup, from 3 of the most exciting cities in Europe (Paris, London, Manchester), this night is to celebrate international women in music and industry.


Hailing from Berlin, London-based Nina and band will be touring their moody and catchy electropop sounds to the north of England. Nina's lyrics infuse historical Prussian and Baltic influences such as fairytales and folklore with the sounds of today‘s cityscapes: synths and electronic beats, creating a feeling of mortality that spans centuries: “I’ve always been very spiritual, even as a child. I never belonged to a certain society, religion or belief. I feel as though I must persevere on my own terms in order to be free.



In opal fields, you have to pierce through layers of rock to discover a gem. Paris-based Opale’s first album L’Incandescent holds a single direction throughout the 35-minute duration and is graciously supported with a band of cold and melancholic analog keyboards and soft, haunting voices. Nowhere to go and nothing to feel is the single story sung in English, French, and Spanish. Through cities of light and the waking of lost spirits, Opale will take you on a trip that may be your last. Opale is Sophia Hamadi and Rocio Ortiz. Sophia joins us from Paris for a special DJ set. 


One of the best-kept experimental secrets of Manchester: “We are a sum of two halves, founded by chance and brought together to realise our musical craft. We love beauty and we want to create something beautiful. We’re explorers.”

Hysterical Injury are a noise pop bass drums duo from South Wales via the West Country UK. Formed in 2007 as a three piece, they are now brother and sister Annie and Tom Gardiner. They have played hundreds of shows and supported many great bands including Lightning Bolt, Marnie Stern, Men, She Keeps Bees, Mike Watt, Black Pus, The Primitives, Katie Stelmanis (Austra), Screaming Females and many more


We will also run a raffle!!


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Sat Aug 02 @17:00 -
The 'here we go again' Party

Next week sees the return of the 2.Bundesliga, and a fresh bout of optimism/pessimism for the months ahead. St. Pauli host Ingolstadt on Saturday 2nd August, and to welcome the footy back we're holding a bit of a party. We'll have some music and cakes, a few party games, and we might even watch a delayed screening of the footy. Starting at 5pm, so arrive from 4.30pm onwards at Wharf Chambers. Everyone welcome.

Sun Aug 03
The Queer Alternative Post Pride Drinks

On the 3rd August, Leeds and beyond will come together to say "it's OK to be me whatever that may be". Do you believe in that ethos? Would you like to walk through the city and then go to the pub afterwards to support that?

For the first time this year, The Queer Alternative is participating in the Leeds LGBT+ Pride march with the primary aim of creating greater exposure and acceptance of alternative people within mainstream queer culture and LGBT+ people within the goth, metal, punk and alternative scenes.


As ever, we have a broadly inclusive policy on who can join us in the Parade, with an open invitation to our straight and label-defying allies, as well as out LGBT+ people.


This year's theme is Love and Marriage, to celebrate the milestone that same sex marriage in the UK represents for LGBT+ rights. The Queer Alternative is committed to supporting all forms of partnership (including of course the absence thereof) so we are inviting you to go wild with your own vision of love and partnership, be it marriage or ...


The evening before the march, Saturday, we will warm up at Infernal at The Library, and we are looking forward to seeing some of you there.


On the big day Sunday, arrive at Browns at the corner of The Headrow and Park Row between 10:30 and 11:30 to prep, chat, and enjoy a breakfast. We'll be heading to Millenium Square at 12:00 to attend the pre-march show there. The march sets off at 14:00. 


After the march we will head to Wharf Chambers on Wharf Street to enjoy the second half of the afternoon around drinks.


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Sun Aug 03 @15:30 -
Plan Cinema Presents : Sleep Dealer

Leeds Plan C presents the first of three critical science-fiction films - £2 entry

Sleep Dealer from Mexican director Alex Rivera, originally released in 2008, uses a near-future setting to explore the privatization of natural resources, migrant labour, and increasingly mediated military and communicational technologies interwoven through a subtle story of connection across borders.

Wed Aug 06 @18:30 -
Make Do and Mend

Informal Make Do and Mend group in the bar area. make do and mend final

Wed Aug 06 @19:00 - 09:00PM
The Woolly Hearts Club
The Woolly Hearts club is an organisation that meets monthly to try to make a difference in whcfinalpeople's lives. 
Originally a project set up to help the homeless, The Woolly Hearts Club get together to knit warm garments and blankets for those in need, whilst also getting the chance to meet like-minded people over a glass of wine!
We also have a postal option for those unavailable to attend Club meetings. This will involve clothing being sent to the Club and being distributed to the homeless by the Club as it is received.
The meetings will be held at Wharf Chambers, Leeds on the first Wednesday of every month, 7-9pm.
So if you want to make a difference to people's lives...Join the Club.

Fri Aug 08
Skinny Girl Diet / Esper Scout / Sissy Hex
ECLECTICA & BOMB THE TWIST present a special night headlined by London riot grrrl buzz band SKINNY GIRL DIET, in support of the new ECLECTICA PROJECT advocating equality for women & minorities in all industries.skinnygirldietfinal
Possibly THE most exciting band in the UK, Skinny Girl Diet are a fierce girl gang from London. The teenage threesome formed in 2011 and have gone from strength to strength. In an exciting turn of events, they’ve been persuaded to emerge from the capital to take on the rest of the UK, and the world, championed by Viv Albertine of the Slits.
“This music is wonderful: brash, unafraid, reared and raised on my peers (Babes In Toyland, Heavens To Betsy, old school grunge). Female. Teenage… Riot Grrrl, like I always understood it … i.e. female empowering, and not scared to experiment with new musical forms, and not rooted. Exciting, because this music could go anywhere. Thereʼs a Tumblr blog full of cat pictures and vaguely menacing attitude. Of course there is… ” EVERETT TRUE
“A female Pixies with similar almost spoken word vocals but with added thrash.” BENJAMIN SPIRO-HUGHES
Esper Scout are an experimental rock band based in Leeds, driven by an enthusiasm for harmony, guitar textures and dynamic rhythms which create “warm dynamic songs with dense textures and vibrant hooks” (Vibrations). 
Through their blend of memorable melodies, riffs, breakdowns and progressive builds as well as heartfelt, precise and clever lyrics which balance weight and depth with accessibility and charm, their sound is simultaneously reassuring and memorable but also curious, engaging and exciting by equal measure. With songs and performances that drift through moods from lively to sombre, you will easily be drawn in, hooked and willingly shook up by the captivating foursome.

Minimal no wave trio based in Leeds, UK - sprung from the ashes of celebrated sharp and jaunty noise-mongers Etai Keshiki. Loveable and abrasive in equal measure. Like the sound of all your memories arguing in a blender.

Sat Aug 09 @17:00 - 11:00PM
Cops and Robbers Summerfest

Cops and Robbers Summer Fest
C&R, Sheepscar Light Industrial and Wharf Chambers present a two-dayer of underground and out-there sounds, plus a Clubnight and Food...

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of August

Food from 5pm, first band at 6.30pm, 
Free Entry for the Clubnight after bands.
£6/4 unwaged. Weekend entry for £10.


Bilge Pump
Leeds DIY favourites get back in the saddle after a few months off. Experimental-rock power-trio of the highest order, expect sinewy riffs, Led Zep-esque drums and unfathomable vocal witticisms...


Gummy Stumps
Glasgow primitivists bob down for a rare skronky treat. Three-stringed guitar strum, loose-limbed drum thump and gnarled vocals that would make Killdozer pale with terror.


Sex Hands
Manchester-based garage punk grouping. Slop-pop gems busting out from the agitated clatter and reverbed jangle. Members of irma Vep, Waiters, Klaus Kinski...


First gig for this new-no-wave-y trio featuring members of Beards, Sissy Hex/Etai Keshiki and Pifco, should be a real treat.


The Michael Flower Band
Local guitar slinging, free music hero of Vibracathedral Orchestra / Flower Corsano fame. Firing up a 21st Century version of Velvets/Henry Flynt-esque rhythmic chug and ecstatic boogie.


Insect Ritual / Guttersnipe
Another first performance. Frenzied, part-improvised electronics/drums/guitar/sax attack. Hideous musick from folks you may recognise from Etai Keshiki, A Void in a Coma...

We'll be rounding off Saturday's gig with a late-nighter of DJs, including Jer Reid from Glasgow. Spinning Post-Punk, Weirdo Disco, Old-school Hip Hop, Synthy stuff, Glam and 70s Power pop etc. 

Doors at 5pm. 
£6/4 unwaged. Weekend entry for £10.


The Family Elan
West Yorkshire drums, bass and saz trio. A fascination with traditional musics, from Turkish folk dances and Hindi pop, manifests itself in live performances that are high energy, party friendly affairs, embracing the deeply psychedelic. 


The Zero Map
Based in Brighton, expect a fusion of kraut rock and electronica that will make you think that you're hearing a lost Tangerine Dream soundtrack for the first time. They are also both members of the many headed beast that is The A Band. 


The Piss Superstition
Pennine-spanning, super-duo of Julian (Vibracatherdral Orchestra) and Paul (Mob Rules). Tune in for some deep, raw, all consuming improv-electro-psych-noise


Sophie Cooper
Sof is Todmorden's finest exponent of reverb soaked, drone laden, off-kilter pop. She co-runs Tor Bookings, who bring all kinds of interesting sounds to the western frontier of West Yorkshire. 


War Lass
Positioned behind an impressive array of analogue synthesizers, we might get a bone rattling low frequency groove or shimmering electronic noodling. Whatever happens, it'll be a grand affair. 


Jake Blanchard
Head honcho of the Tor Press label, producer of fine illustrations, builder of instruments, multi-faceted live performer of improvised, lo-fi psychedelia and all round good egg. Sickening 'eh? 


Sheepscar Light Industrials house band, featuring Daniel and David Thomas. No relation. There will probably be a couple of synths and lots of pedals producing some kind of deep, throbbing analogue drone. 


All proceeds will go towards keeping C&R in print and online. Donations gratefully accepted on the night too.



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