Fri Apr 25 @11:30 - 05:00AM
Tomorrow People present Lux

Tomorrow people present a night of lazery experimental bass and beats. Known as (future music). A release party for lowe frequencys. EP Released on tp records in march/ april. A true stimulation of the senses. The only place to hear this form of diverse futuristic tribalistic music along these lines.


£2 entry


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Sat Apr 26 @13:00 - 05:00PM
Up Spark! Electronics Workshop

Ever wanted to learn more about electronics? Already know plenty, but want to borrow some equipment for a project you're working on? Just want to show off the cool bleeping things you've made? Think circuit boards look totally rad? Then come to an electronics workshop!

Up Spark! is a free workshop for anyone and everyone, no matter if you're an expert or have never seen a soldering iron before. We'll be preparing projects suitable for absolute beginners that you can make on the day, but equipment will be available for whatever you want to make or do. If you'd just like to come down and chat with other people who think the idea of fiddling with transistors is neat then that's great too!

Sat Apr 26 @20:00 - 11:00PM


Hypnowave Present


As Ondas (London)

Trilingual no wave surf from London town. Members of Shopping.


Witching Waves (London)
Two-piece post punk indie rockers alternate darkness and prettiness.

Sissy Hex
Minimal brutalist no wave trio. Ex-Etai Keshiki.



Spiky, dance-friendly new wave / post punk jams.


3 pounds unwaged / 4 pounds waged
Gigs tend to start around 8pm and this one is no exception.



Sun Apr 27 @19:30 - 11:00PM
Kinky - Beards - ILL

KINKY (Durham/Newcastle) Unapologetically angry, queer sissy punx. Their first release will bekinkyfinal available at this show (and the rest of their tour) on tape, until then you can listen to the songs on Bandcamp - and learn all the words, yeah? For Fans Of: No Ditching/Andrew Lips/The Casual Terrorist/ The North-East of England 


BEARDS (Leeds) 3 piece Leeds DIY scene veterans, playing angular, noisy post punk, we’re excited, you should be too. 


ILL (Manchester) Ill play a unique fusion of expreimental and no wave with a strong feminist ethos. Their single ‘Kremlin’ was released as part of the Valentine Records singles club last September. 


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Wed Apr 30 @18:30 -
Make Do and Mend

Informal Make Do and Mend group in the bar area. make do and mend final

Wed May 07 @18:30 -
Make Do and Mend

Informal Make Do and Mend group in the bar area. make do and mend final

Thu May 08 @20:00 -
Black Leather Jesus and friends

Black Leather Jesus - Début UK appearance for this notorious S & M electronics big band. BLJ FlyerfinalFormed in 1989 by US noise veteran Richard Ramirez, Black Leather Jesus have an enormous rotating roster of members, all conspiring to deliver dense and obliterating bondage noise.

Svartvit - Svartvit is a Dutch harsh noise project from Boxtel who now relocated to Den Haag that was started in 2008 by sound artist Kevin Jansen. Through the years the project has evolved both in presentation and sound. Starting off as a very monotonous study in textural noises it has turned into a direct channeling of anger, frustration and the questioning of modern day society through sound & performance.

Brut - BRUT is a solo project of Sonia Dietrich that was conceived in anger in response to the inequity of women’s role in social media and the post-industrial music and art scene. BRUT is a “non-art” project - BRUT is oxygen.

Dogliveroil - “Possible clarion call of the yet again posited reformation of the legendary stoopid noise band from Choke ON Stench, fronted by the even more legendary Marky Loo Loo, more a conundrum than a human, with Phil Todd and Joincey of Stuckometer and Coits ‘fame’ and whoever else fancies being along for the ride. The potteries answer to Smell and Quim basically. It all depends if Loo Loo is willing to take ‘The Sex Pest’ as he so lovingly calls his 4x4 out for a spin. Have hope. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll Thrice. You’ll Chrone.” - Termite Club

7pm start. £5 entry.

Fri May 09 @12:00 -
Amnesty International Cycle Benefit

Joy and Elliot are cycling from London to Paris in September to promote awareness of LGBTQ rights and raise money for Amnesty International. This benefit gig will be a full day of live music, vegan food, dj's and live art to be auctioned off.


Pay what you can/suggested donation £5


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Sat May 10 @19:00 -

Come and join us for a night of sequins, choreographed dance and general fabulousness.eurofinal

Fancy dress theme - Eurovision past, present and future. [Think wigs, glitter and neon]. 

After your votes have been cast, join us in dancing the night away to songs from previous years. 

There will be speciality cocktails on the bar and prizes!

This event is also a fundraiser for trans healthcare so there is a suggested donation of £2-3 pounds on the door although nobody will be turned away.


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Tue May 13 @20:00 - 11:00PM
Lettera 22 plus guests

Lettera 22 Sprung from the eclectic new wave of Italian noise and industrial music, Lettera 22 is a duo consisting of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza, based in Vittorio Veneto. Their noise is dynamic and creative, balancing in the field between contemporary art music and harsh noise brutality: gritty, textured concrete sounds and field recordings are recorded and manipulated with analogue tape, drenched in tape hiss and finally crushed by a wall of distorted electronics and feedback, which might give way to a room-recording of sounds being played back in the studio, reverbating through the room and mingling with all “unintentional” ambient sounds. Plus special guests Spoils & Relics BBBLOOD + guest + projections More on the blurb soon! this is unfinished at present!