Sat Apr 18 @20:00 - 12:00AM
Milky Wimpshake // Martha // The 7"s // 80s Disco

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m a r t h a

Martha are a DIY, vegan, straight-edged, pop-punk band wielding an indie-pop sweetness. Their songs combine a mix of chunky guitar chords, bouncing rhythms and bass, all with a definite pop sensibility. Whether they’re singing about love, gender identity and sexuality or kids getting pissed up outside a cathedral, their songs are built on melodies and sing-a-long choruses. In short, Martha are one of the most thrilling and likeable bands to emerge from the North East in yonks.
Their album 'Courting Strong' made National Public Radio's top 50 albums of the year and they also won Steve Lamacq’s rebel playlist - whatever that is. They have also played these festivals: Out of Spite, About Time, Fortuna Pop and Indietracks.
One of very few bands that don’t sound shit on you tube – they’re that good folks.

As twee as they come, Milky Wimpshake have been playing witty, punk rock since 1993 with lyrics about everything from politics to everyday life at the office. Milky Wimpshake are smart, noisy, lacking in polish and seven years too late for the C86 boom for which much of their entire output is indebted to. The threesome creates batches of digestible, playful tunes led by jangly, often distorted guitar melodies. No song is over three minutes, most are less than two.
With songs titled Etymology; I love you, you weirdo, My heart beats faster than techno, Noam Chomsky versus The Ramones…you might get the picture.

The Seven Inches
The Seven Inches are as ridiculous a miracle of a band as anything else you’ll ever see. Intelligent, yet daft combining equal parts Jeffrey Lewis, Jonathan Richman, The Lovely Eggs and David Devant & His Spirit Wife, filtered through the best indie-pop of the past two decades. With elements of rock 'n' roll, glam, folk, college rock, Motown, MOR and grunge they write incredible songs about little things (e.g. underachieving, boating lakes…etc) winning hearts everywhere with their onstage props, trumpets, synths and cardboard keytars.

A short trawl through the internet should provide you with better descriptions of all the bands

80s disco by *Sparkling Entertainment* playing the electronic stuff from the 80s and other stuff from not the 80s. Basically, I'm going to line up some ace songs on itunes - most of which will be from the 80s and most of those will be electronic - and press play. Requests welcome - except of course those for Culture Club. I'd rather play U2 than fucking Culture Club.



Sun Apr 19 @19:00 -

In / On / Up / Down & Destroy All Monsters Present...FVNERALS





Guitar and electronics project of Andy Abbott from Nope and That Fucking Tank



£5 OTD

Thu Apr 23 @19:30 -
Zusammen Frei Spring No Borders Benefit

A night of music inc...zusammenfrei
'Wanderer', Austria's last nomadic shepherd Hans Breuer, will introduce his Klezmer style.... accompanied by an infamous travelling accordion player you will hear songs and stories from a herders life of love, strife and anti-fascist resistance

Vegan friendly food served at 7.30 pm

Music starting at 8 pm
All money to Calais Migrant Solidarity 

Suggested donation: £5 on door/asylum seekers free (nobody turned away for lack of funds)



Sun Apr 26 @19:00 - 11:00PM
Andi Sex Gang / Sex Gang Children & The Anxiety Of Love Live
Andi Sex Gang
Legendary, iconic, cult pioneer and post-punk innovator. Vocalist and founder of the now and then mythical Sex Gang Children, fine artist, performance artist, esteemed solo arttist and genuinely unique spoken word / cabaret performer, among other things.

Sex Gang Children
Along with Bauhaus, The Birthday Party, Virgin Prunes, and The Lemon Kittens, at the forefront of early 80's first generation art-house 'gothic' music. Erratic and sinister, ferocious and authentically dislocating audiences with off kilter song structures, stark lyrical content and taboo shattering imagery, Sex Gang Children have played sparsely since their initial mid 80's undisputed reign, however the occasional performances demonstrate no willingness to deliver anything less than their original frenzy, on the contrary moreso.

The Anxiety Of Love
Leeds based trio with drum machine, peddling a high wire brand of psycho drama, that sits raggedly somewhere up on the razor-wire between the sonic likes of The Birthday Party, Big Black, Cindytalk, and Suicide, and the inward mutilations of Cranes, early Cocteau Twins, His Name Is Alive, Faith era The Cure and Bark Psychosis. Live appearances are stark and difficult, yet compelling affairs often with the majority of the audience vacating the vicinity quickly.

£7/no-one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Just pay on the door, no advance tickets.

Wed Apr 29 @19:30 - 11:00PM

=== pls txt collective presents ===

=Okinawa Picture Show= 4 piece pop punk from the Midlands, feat former members of ace bushy striptease & elly kingdon. Absolutely Ace. 

=Seth Corbin= Great punk/anti folk from brighton 

+ 2 more TBC!


There will be vegan treats available for donations, and zines for sale.

Sat May 02 @20:00 - 11:00PM
Frau/ No Form + more

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London m8. Someone from Maximum Rocknroll said their guitarist was a genius and their bassist used to be in the coolest band. Current members of Good Throb/Woolf
No Form
They asked us to play, I promise. "[S]ome terrible social experiment in 'how to be an art school prick part one' and part two of how to have a tantrum when no one understands the fathoms deep meaning to appallingly shite, self indulgent performance art'. how low can punk get..... apparently really low."
+ more/more

Tue May 05 @20:00 -
Jean Ralphio's Sister, Beloved Binge,

Lineup: bbbybonnie

Jean Ralphios Sister
Beloved Binge
TBA #3!

More about the bands: 

Jean Ralphios Sister (Leeds): 

Beloved Binge: Misfit pop duo (USA)
” …upbeat, stripped-down and muffed-out indie-pop rock. 


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Wed May 06 @19:30 - 11:00PM

Facebook event pageBadnoidsflyer

Hardcore punk from Cleveland, USA. Think a blender of Electric Eels, Bad Brains and Midwest classics.
Too arty for hardcore kids, too hardcore for art. How much No Form can you take?

Thu May 07 @20:00 - 11:00PM
A Grave With No Name

Alexander Shields returns as A Grave With No Name mining his own distinctive vein of gravehaunted, freaked folk/art rock, and tracing delicate fissures in the emotional radiography of loss and longing to spellbinding effect. This show is in support of his fourth LP 'Feathers Wet, Under the Moon' released by Lefse Records. With support from Joanna Gruesome's Alanna McArdle performing as Ides,and Exit Earth.



Fri May 08 @19:30 - 11:00PM
Mutiny on the Bounty

MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY - Math-rock/Screamo from Luxembourg. So much energy MOTB
they've actually been know to raise the dead. Brand new album, Digital Tropics, out in April!

ENVOYS - Leeds premier post-metal band. Always impressive.

DIALECTS - Post/math-rock from Glasgow. Spanking, brand new EP, LTKLTL, out on 11th May!


& More TBA

Tickets £5 via We Got Tickets


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