***We need more Club Collective members!***

Please see below for more information. If you would like to help the club continue to develop, please get in touch to ask questions and/ or register your interest to members[at]wharfchambers.org.


The Club Collective

The Co-op staff are by default members of the Club Collective and ensure sufficient representation at all meeting to enable discussions about the everyday running of the space.

The rest of the Club Collective is elected from the members of the club. The roles in the club collective are:

  • Chair/ co-Chair – chair/s meetings, lead/s on resolving membership disputes

  • Secretary/ co-Secretary – take/s minutes at meetings and set/s meeting dates

  • Treasurer – works with co-op to ensure good financial management

  • Up to three additional club collective members – take on tasks like those below

The Club Collective provides support to the Co-op, has oversight of activities at Wharf Chambers and promotes opportunities for members to get involved and feed back to the club. Some of the things we do are:

  • Dealing with membership disputes

  • Health and Safety overview

  • Managing Risk

  • Oversight of finances

  • Assisting the Co-op to develop values, processes and policies, eg safer spaces or bookings

  • Licensing

  • Assisting the Co-op in the physical development of the space

  • Creating opportunities for members to have a say about the space in various ways – like open meetings and surveys

  • Communications – website, social media, emails, in person

  • Skills development

  • Business development

The Club Collective usually meets once a month to progress ongoing work and to plan full members’ meetings (where all users of the space are invited to talk about it). Full members’ meetings are held once a quarter and are normally held around a theme.

There is work to do outside of meetings and Club Collective members may take on tasks to complete or set up sub groups to look at particular issues or policies with other members.

It depends how much you want to do but we’d say you probably need to have at least a couple of hours a week free to give to these roles.