B.Steady / Xana / Demitaves / Jasmine Kennedy

Fri 22Apr
Fri 22Apr



So freakin’ excited and proud to present this event! Bring your unicorns for films, food and fancy music. Bringing beautiful light to the darkest of times,B.Steady, XANA, Demitaves and Jasmine Kennedy are gonna rock socks with all the wonderful sounds!
This space is designed in an effort to supply tunage, a calm environment and courageous conversation in order to fulfil the basics of our needs: the need to connect. As our spaces diversify and people become more intertwined than ever, music has held us together and hopefully by the end of this night will have healed some of the hard stuff.
Four epic queer artists are collaborating to bring a Black perspective to our lovely Leeds music scene, which will hopefully pave the way for new and exciting talent to the frontline.
And just for funsies, a showing of the film Vow of Silence by the one and only Be Steadwell herself!
There’ll be some slamming tunes from Our Beth aka DJ Karen to end the night.

So come and bring bellies full of laughter (and a pillow if you can, gonna get comfy!)

Singer-songwriter Be Steadwell is an innovative musician from Washington DC. With roots in jazz vocals, acapella and folk, Be explores the art of making fun pop music and films for queer people of colour and other folks with silenced struggles. In her live performances, she utilizes loop pedal vocal layering and beat boxing to compose her songs on stage. Alongside Be, Asha Santee will be performing too!

There’ll also be a screening of her debut short film Vow of Silence, which was shown at Leeds Queer Film Festival 2014 so this is your opportunity to watch this gem again! Vow of Silence tells the story of Jade, a heartbroken composer who takes a vow of silence to win back the heart of Isis, her true love.
(trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YILQQVgc_I)

XANA live loops, beat boxes, plays violin and spits poetry calling for the collapse of oppressive patriarchal structures. Blending freestyle with words inspired by the audience, Xana invites you to find your voice and defy our silences together.

Seen as a hidden gem of the Leeds queer music scene, Demitaves are a powerful pop duo that combine luscious harmonies with dynamic and refreshingly original songs. Described as being like “Crosby, Stills and Nash at their best”, Demitaves are influenced mainly by folk music but embody many characteristics of house music within their style. The chemistry that is created by Beth and Ingi and their unforgettable voices has been enough to captivate audiences all across Yorkshire - they are not to be missed.

Jasmine Kennedy is an acoustic singer/songwriter who sings from the heart; her lyrics a collection of throw away observations and bittersweet tales from the teenage heart which possess a remarkable power to stun an audience in to silence. At the age of 16 her debut album ‘I Don’t Have An Uncle Pat’ was self-released and since then she has toured the UK and shared stages with the likes of Seasick Steve, Joseph Arthur & RM Hubbert, as well as performing at a number of festivals including Live at Leeds and Bingley Music Live.