Love Muscle w/ Claptrap

Sat 20May

a pumping gay disco

11pm - late

Thanks once again to everyone that made it to our last party and for taking the time and effort to go and get a ticket - the dancefloor really did feel like home. LOVE out to the man like Spencer Parker who really brought the house down and was a babe to boot!


NEXT up are two delightful ladies who we were lucky enough to meet at Soup Kitchen in Manchester a few weeks back. We were charmed by their infectious loveliness and musical knowledge. Henrietta & Jackie together are Claptrap and specialise in what we can only describe freaky and fucked up techno & electro.

Hen got into playing records by mistake... "I Just wanted to hear music I was into and could dance to. Honestly, I'm inspired by THE Jacqueline Thompson, I trust her ear, and always want to find music that'll make her lose her shit!" Hen's releasing her first solo album as AFRODEUTSCHE. With the title, Break Before Make which is out in May on Manc based label Skam. She has also just finished a mix for SIREN which is out in May!

Jackie - "I remember when I was 13 my older brother David came into my bedroom and woke me up at 7am after he'd been at a warehouse party in Blackburn. He told me that he'd heard an amazing track that sounded like it had a submarine bleep in it. I didn't know about drugs then. It took him a week to find the track on vinyl, it turned out to be Pacific State by 808 State. He played it to me and I went to my first acid house party the following weekend. My acid house party phase ended with me being grounded and banned from watching Neighbours but I've made mixtapes for friends and long car journeys ever since. I don't see myself as a dj because I'm rubbish at mixing but I enjoy finding music and making people dance, especially Hen."

We're incredibly excited to have them over to sunny Leeds to play for you lovely lot. Here's a mix of Hen's to get you in the mood.

Once again all tickets will be behind the bar and anyone coming from outside of Leeds that cannot make it to Wharf needs to email lov3muscl3[at] and we will arrange for collection on the night.

See you there x