Samin Son | Lujiachi | Lafidiki | Marlo Eggplant

Sun 22Oct
Sun 22Oct

Chinabot showcase

8pm - 11pm

£5 OTD | £3 unwaged

Chinabot is a platform and collective created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music. 
Line up:

Samin Son is a Korean born, Berlin based artist working in a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, video, installation and sound with performative strategies.His work has featured in exhibitions throughout New Zealand and on an international platform including Germany, Serbia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, USA and Australia.
He has also organised live music and art events with magazine White Fungus. For Solo 2014 Samin has created a deeply personal performance work based on his own experiences growing up in New Zealand and attending military service in Korea.

Lujiachi was born in 1988, and lives in Dong h]Hu, Taipei where it rains all the time. He's into psychedelic music and minor scale, and is also a member of 破地獄 Scattered Purgatory and Ludu.

LAFIDKI is a london based sound/visual artist, and founder of Chinabot, a label and platform created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music.Theses last tracks were released via Orange Milk records (Foodman, Kate NV, Ashley Paul..).He later founded Chinabot, an asian diasporic experience. 

Marlo Eggplant
Leeds noise/sound artist. Academically researching Filipino American cultural texts and colonial trauma. Musically/artistically churning out sounds and making friends with other activists recognizing issues with poor visibility for marginalized folx within culture.