Svartvit | Foldhead | Joanne | Darning

Wed 13Sep
Wed 13Sep

8pm - 11pm

£5 OTD | £4 concessions

SVARTVIT (Netherlands)
Svartvit is the project of Dutch sound artist Kevin Jansen. Committed to delivering monomaniacal harsh noise performances, your sensual invigoration is guaranteed through the medium of overwhelming walls of distortion, feedback and coarse vocals.

A rare sighting of the reliably discombobulating Foldhead, AKA Paul Walsh. Sometimes seen as one half of the duo Early Hominids along with Neil Campbell, and a founding member of noise legends Smell & Quim, Foldhead is guaranteed to do something irreparable to your nervous system.

Composer Joanne Armitage uses live coding and algorithms to create synth-driven electronica. As such, her repertoire is both unpredictable and adaptable to a range of musical contexts. She has appeared at both dance clubs, concert halls and tech summits across Europe.

Insectoid frequency detritus from Pete Cann and Nick Jones, who also play out as Feghoots and Subcutaneous Itch, respectively. A commune in the service of higher end non-tones, expect short-form swarms of acidic noise and a general atmosphere of confusion.