In order to put on or attend licensed events (music, film etc) or use the bar you need to be a member of the Club.

You can find out more on our ‘The Club’ page.

Before you join Wharf Chambers you are required to read and agree to our Values statement and Safer spaces agreement.

It’s easy to join – please fill out the form below a minimum of 48 hours before you want to attend. You WILL NOT receive a confirmation email. Please complete registration by coming in to collect a card and pay £1. You can do this on the night you want to attend, and you don’t have to give advance notice of this.

Please keep Wharf updated with your current email address if it changes and you want to keep receiving updates. Your membership needs to be renewed annually (unless you are a lifetime member) and you will drop off the mailing list if this is not done. You will get a reminder email near the time of expiration. [Please note that if you supply us with your work email address we may have to remove it from our mailing list due to the restrictions associated with our mail client.]

You are not required to but if you want to check your application has gone through you can email members[at] to confirm – you can then get a card and pay £1 on the night to complete.

Any other queries to members[at]