General enquiries: info[at] (this is checked a few times per week)

Bookings enquiries: bookings[at] (this is checked several times per week)

Membership enquiries: members[at] (this is a low volume address and is not generally checked more than once a week)

Safer Spaces Issues: saferspaces[at] (this email address is checked by only one co-op and one club collective member for confidentiality reasons. if your issue is particularly sensitive please mark you email PRIVATE in the subject line and someone will respond to you from an individual email address)

You can also report safer spaces issues anonymously on our Comments & Complaints form

Telephone: 07523 307089 (we do aim to answer all messages, however since we do not keep normal office hours and sometimes the bar is busy when people ring, please do keep trying or try an alternative method of contact if possible)

For enquiries relating to the Middle Floor please see their website.