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Kazehito Seki | Sw1n-Hunter | Anna Peaker | Trve Yorkshire Kvlt Ensemble

10th December 2019


Doors 8pm
£5 Pay as you feel – No one turned away for lack of funds of course!

Kazehito Seki

High energy vocal noiz feedback freakout ferocity with a mixer strapped firmly to his chest. Extended vocal techiniques and precise feedback control coalesce in Kazehito’s new Self Toxication project. Worldwide tourer, BNSU/Sweatnoisecore member Not to be MISSED!


TOPH legend Adam Denton summons seething noise and confounding sound-artistry from obtuse electronics, homemade entities and laptop email-checkin’. Always engaging advanced hummmmmmm https://basematerialism.bandcamp.com/album/30-year-retrial-2

Anna Peaker

A full body sonic pumice scrub of looped organ snarl and whisper. Cleanse the worms out of your lining. The bile from your insides. Watch it slide viscous-like down into your socks and eventually away. Nine out of Ten doctors recommend…

Trve Yorkshire Kvlt Ensemble

Algoravers embrace the Darkness of the Alpine Wastes bringing black metal angst from the depths of their laptops tortured hardrives. Spooky robes, rattling blast beats, high end screeching ensue as they touch type portals to hell


10th December 2019