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Séance Tapes: Pessimist | Kessie | Sah (Live)

February 21

£8 – £12.30



A brand new late night ritual, for those who like to live deliciously 😈

Combining a heightened sense of hypnotic immersion with the momentum of the dancefloor, join us as we journey back to the Dark Ages and attempt to shake out our demons.

TICKETS: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1374839


PESSIMIST [UVB-76/Osiris/Blackest Ever Black]

Drawing heavily upon the darker elements of Techno, Drum & Bass, and all that lies between, Pessimist has successfully managed to transcend the rigid confines of genre and tempo to carve out an aesthetic niche’ that is entirely his own.

His releases on such diverse labels as UVB-76 Music, Osiris Music uk and Blackest Ever Black are a testament to this, highlighting his penchant for juggling tense, thoughtful atmospheres, alongside relentless, rolling rhythms.

Bleak, introspective, yet infused with an insistent energy that practically demands movement, Pessimist’s music is guaranteed to exorcise both your body and mind.


KESSIE [Love Muscle/Flesh in Tension]

One of the most sought after DJs to emerge from the Leeds scene over the past few years, Love Muscle/Flesh in Tension resident Kessie has been making some serious waves with her distinctive brand of sleazy, seductive Techno, garnering a reputation for mixes that are as effortlessly unique as they are enticingly hypnotic.

Exemplified by her recent set in support of Objekt, Kessie’s talent truly lies in guiding helplessly enraptured audiences through a series of moody twists and turns that few DJs would even dare to attempt, let alone pull off quite so well.


SAH (Live)

Sah. is the latest in a series of live projects by highly prolific Leeds/Bradford DJs, producers and multi-instrumentalists, Hanibl & Dante.

Whereas they are most commonly known for their forays into Jazz, Hip Hop and, most recently, Ambient, the Sah pseudonym affords them the space to truly explore their darker, heavier and more percussive side.

As demonstrated by their incredible performance at Think Tank: A Place For Your Head, Sah never see an event brief without treating it as an opportunity for compositional growth and experimentation. It is genuinely rare for us to come across an artist so committed to their live craft, and we have no doubt that this set will prove to be a singular experience.



Padawan Sound [Think Tank: A Place For Your Head]
Ryan Hubball [Artificial Barriers]
Alex Taylor [Brudenell Groove]



11pm – LATE
£8 ADV./BEFORE 12.30, £10 OTD AFTER