Wharf Chambers is governed and guided by a number of policies. These concern the conduct of all staff and the handling of complaints and grievances. A number of these have been implemented or amended in light of discussions around abuse and racism. All policies have been written with our

Safer spaces agreement and

Values document in mind.


Conduct policies:

Wharf Chambers’ Conduct Policy for Co-op Workers

Wharf Chambers’ Conduct Policy for non Co-op workers


General grievance procedures:

Wharf Chambers’ Internal Grievance and Disciplinary Policy Guidance

Wharf Chambers’ External Grievance and Disciplinary Policy Guidance for Club Member disputes


Policy & procedure specifically for disclosures of abuse:

Wharf Chambers’ Disclosure Policy & example scenarios

Wharf Chambers’ Disclosure Procedure Flowchart


Aside from the safer spaces agreement, we also have other policies concerning the conduct of club members and their guests in the space.

Club Rules

Wharf Chambers’ Photography policy


In the interest of transparency these are our Financial Accounts for the last 2 years:

Wharf Chambers 2019 Accounts

Wharf Chambers 2020 Accounts