Please note:

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, all upcoming events have the potential to be postponed, or to go ahead without an audience. Either way they will all be live streamed (see individual event information for streaming and ticket links).

Most events will be streamed through Wharf Chambers’ Twitch account

We have carried out a thorough risk assessment. Here is a link to our current guidelines. Please note these will be regularly updated to reflect changing legislation and advice.

20th Feb 12-2am

Meanwood Radio Live from Wharf Chambers and San Franciso

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21st Feb 7pm – SUNLINER live stream

SUNLINER are a punk rock band from Leeds, UK. SUNLINER are gruff, sing-a-long punk rock with folk and hardcore influences and intimate, personal yet relatable lyrics FFO Hot Water Music and Against Me!. ‘Structure’ and ‘Average at Best’ released on LOCKJAW RECORDS (UK) and the PAPER + PLASTICK (US) “Each song addresses self-doubt, mental health and the struggle to find a life balance, yet being self-aware and catchy hardcore-leaning, pop, punk rock.”

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27th Feb 5pm- Heinous Whining Live Happening #2

Heinous Whining noise streams return again to the Wharf Chambers stage! Again no audience, streamed on twitch but small but excellent selections of performers, deformers and weirdos. This time round all (relative in noise circles) youngsters rockin’ it solo. The same old improvisational no-audience nonsensers busting out the bedroom and basement into the empty venue.

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5th March 8pm – Byronic Sex & Exile presents: ‘One Bite Stand’

Leeds’ gothic vanguard Byronic Sex & Exile returns to the stage for a special livestream performance from Wharf Chambers – a full electric show featuring two sets full of special covers and BS&E originals.
Donations to PAFRAS will be encouraged throughout the show.
6th March 8pm – Nape Neck + Pifco
A night of premium Leeds-wave beamed at you live from the home of Leeds DIY music: Wharf Chambers!
You know them, you love them, you’ve seen them 100 times but have you seen them….ON THE INTERNET?? Hi grade garage rock twangs and yelps from the dynamic duo FFO: boppin’ rockin’ gyratin’
Wonky post-punk jams with two BEARDS and one GUTTERSNIPE. Angular rhythms and skronky guitar with tight gang vocals FFO: weird shapes, counting to 7
This gig is FREE
There are no tickets or anything like that and you can’t come down but you can veiw it digitally by e-walking here.