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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, all upcoming events have the potential to be postponed, or to go ahead without an audience. Either way they will all be live streamed (see individual event information for streaming and ticket links).

Most events will be streamed through Wharf Chambers’ Twitch account  Or  Mixcloud Live account

We have carried out a thorough risk assessment. Here is a link to our current guidelines. Please note these will be regularly updated to reflect changing legislation and advice.

Wednesdsay 28th July 8pm –Valhalla of Decadence
Valhalla of Decadence is back, and this time it’s personal. Rabble rousers (No) Money in the Bank are coming to Wharf Chambers with a fine array of the most weird, wonderful, and downright ridiculously brilliant alternative acts in the UK.
Expect the unexpected, unless you’re expecting to laugh, in which case expect the expected.
The night is pay-what-you want, with all the money going to our baffling acts. Reserve your seat now to avoid dissapointment, and watch this space for updates on which weirdos Thom Bee and Andrew Marsh will be introducing you to this month.

Sunday 1st August – Dyke Chambers and Leeds Fetishmen Pride party

Wednesday 4th August – Bomb the Twist presents
Punk riffs and bold beats from The Caves (with guest Fig by Four on bass) – debut show!
The unique & worldly observations of Robin Minecraft Adventures, aka Arthur (with James from Yard Act).
And for our headliners, we are so lucky to have bagged the powerhouse that is Pyramid of Arts’ own *Ultimate Thunder Leeds*! It’s been too long since we last saw them play.

Thursday 5th August 7:30 £6 –Bleakhaus Presents: Document
Following the success of their 2020 EP A Camera Wanders All Night, and after a restless year-long hiatus from the gig circuit, Document are finally embarking on their debut UK tour. Evoking the noir, paranoid imagery captured within the spirit of early post-punk, Document’s borderline-violent stage performance is a vessel for observational, character driven lyricism. Good friends of BLEAKHAUS. and regular guests of ours on previous line-ups, Document are no strangers to Wharf Chambers and the murky depths of the Yorkshire underground scene. From their early beginnings, they have exceeded expectations of a young, new band’s capabilities and we can’t wait to see what the post-pandemic world looks like for our brothers in arms.
Again, long-standing friends to BLEAKHAUS., Autosuggestion are a band who have excited us from day 1. Initially going from strength to strength, supporting artists such as Marbled Eye, The Murder Capital and Bdrmm, both geography and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has arguably haltered progress for Autosuggestion so we are glad to bring their primitive yet inventive, intensive and expansive sound back to the stage setting. Having only released a live EP recorded from the desk at the beautiful Mabgate Bleach, it is exactly on the stage where Autosuggestion are best suited.
Complete new kids on the block. Gen-Z Leeds’ born punk outfit morphed by the livestream age. Described as somewhere between The Fall and Black Flag, whatever that is supposed to mean? We’re super intrigued and you all should be too. Get down early and be nice.

Saturday 7th August 4pm – ‘Everyone Is Trying’ Screening
Everyone Is Trying;
A Spoken-Word Film
Directed by TEEVISION
Written by Tash Monterisi
We are excited to present a one-off private screening of the film of the debut film from ‘Teevision’ ‘Everyone is Trying’, as well as an afternoon of live performances from contributing artists, a Q&A session and creative networking opportunities for all; this event will be hosted by Leeds’ very own; incredibly talented singer & emcee; Phenicia. This is an opportunity to have discussions surrounding arts and creativity in Leeds and surrounding areas, showcase creativity and ideas to like minded-people, but most importantly having a great time in a comfortable space where we can openly be artists and/or creative people.

Friday 13th August – GAFF
GAFF’s first-ever gig at Wharf Chambers, Leeds, and live-streamed on Twitch; raising money through mutual aid for trans people.


Saturday 14th August 7pm £7Liverpool Psychedelic Society:Thee Lucifer Sams + Guests

The Liverpool Psychedelic Society is a series of live music and club night events hosted by Liverpool’s Thee Lucifer Sams. It started in Liverpool but has expanded to Manchester, Leeds, London and even other distant places such as Saigon, Vietnam and Tangiers, Morocco, featuring live music, DJ’s playlist full of great psych tracks, and film projections and psychedelic visuals creating an unique atmosphere.
For this event, Thee Lucifer Sams will be joined by two amazing special guests: Gold Top Baby (the new musical project by Dorian Cox of The Long Blondes) and XUP (and unique rocknroll experience – one woman, one bass, one drum-machine.)
Expect an evening full of unique musical delights.

Wednesday 18th August 7:30pm £4TB001 – Fielding, Hinata, Collapse, Orphan Blue
Leeds emo legends back with new single, Born to be Mild.
Psychedelic dream pop. Smashed out two EPs during the pandemic.
Fuzzy emo making you wish it was 2014 again. Self-titled EP released earlier this year.
Lovely acoustic slowcore. Debut EP, Fresh Start released earlier this year.

Friday 27th August midnight-4am £7alto radio presents: airspace
it’s time to take alto radio on the road!
we’ve got an incredibly talented line up of some of our best loved residents ready to kick off your bank holiday weekend the right way.
Aimalohi & Joey Urban
all profits will go towards funding our studio at Testbed and we thought there was no better way to raise the money than with a good old fashioned dance.

Wednesday 1st September 7pm- Dance Out Loud

An inclusive DIY club night at Wharf Chambers. Pop/disco/indie/alternative/dance played by two DJs, Eli and James. Tickets £7. Carer goes free. Tickets available via this link or on the door. Anyone over aged 18 welcome! A welcoming, safe space for adults with learning disabilities and autism as well as LGBTQ+ folk to dance and socialise. Come dance

Facebook Event

Friday 10th September – Crossed Wires

Welcome to another Crossed Wires – this time back in full effect! We’ve another evening of far out live electronic music, visuals, sculptures DJs and vegan food/cakes for you to enjoy, only £5 on the door – cards accepted this time! At the time of writing this is expected to be a normal event, going through until 4am!
This event will also be streamed on Wharf Chambers’ Mixcloud
This duo use laptops, electronics and extended techniques to create stunning ambient audioscapes
Fuelled by acid and breakbeats, moi_6 is bringing his synth wizardry back to the stage in his first live show for Crossed Wires
Limpit combines crate dug, dust filled samples with analogue synthesisers. Everything from Hip Hop to Jungle.
Leeds based DJ. Resident at The Off Licence and founder of Hideous Things. Roya has a show on NARR Radio on the second Sunday of every month
Resident SLUT DROP DJ, Leeds bass boss and king of underground parties.
Crossed Wires founder and resident DJ Ben also plays records at Outlaws Yacht Club, and produces music under the name UFO Club
ALSO Food from
Mother Earth Veggie Food
Mother Earth will be feeding us hearty wholesome vegan food made from delicious Polish recipes

Saturday 25th September midnight – Chorus 002: Blasha & Allatt [3 Hour Set]
18 months after our first party, we’re thrilled to finally announce Chorus 002! We’ll be joined by Manchester techno legends, Blasha & Allatt, at Wharf Chambers on the 25th of September.
Blasha & Allatt are co-founders and residents at Meat Free, hailed as one of Manchester’s best techno nights and nominated for best UK club night in 2017. Over the last few years, they’ve established themselves as one of the most exciting, hard-hitting acts in the scene, with highlight sets at the likes of ADE, Fabric & Freerotation. With 3 hours to take us on a proper trip, we have no doubt their return to Leeds will be a special night indeed.
Warming up for the evening is Chorus resident April. April curates his sets with a contrast of the old-school and the new, combining fast and funky grooves with gritty textures and uplifting melodies.
We can’t wait to return to Wharf for a good old stomp! It’s set up to be a night to remember. Plus, tickets are a only a FIVER – get involved.

Friday 15th October 8pm – lice Hubble + Western Edges + Andrew DR Abbott

Alice Hubble is the solo project of Alice Hubley, and the product of one lady locked at home with her enormous collection of synthesisers. Inspired by the 70’s recordings by Tangerine Dream, Ashra and Mike Oldfield (particularly the records he made with his sister Sally), Alice takes a more delicate approach; a distinctly feminine take on the 70’s progressive synth sound.
Western Edges is the ambient/electronic solo project of Richard Adams, founder member, alongside his brother Chris, of the legendary Leeds band Hood and front man of The Declining Winter. Inspired by the countryside in the Aire Valley, Western Edges music has been compared to Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, bvdub and Basic Channel.

Andy Abbott is an artist, musician and writer who lives in Halifax, West Yorkshire. He is best known for his deafening guitar work in the leftfield rock bands That Fucking Tank and NOPE but recent output as ‘Andrew DR Abbott’ centres on instrumental compositions for 8-string baritone acoustic guitar.

Saturday 6th November 7:30  £8-Bleakhaus Presents: BLACKLISTERS + USA Nails

As wee bairns born and bred in Hull, we were very much aware of the crazy loud, abrasive and exciting music coming from just down the M62 here in Leeds. We were lucky enough to see the likes of Eagulls, Autobahn and Post War Glamour Girls grace the stages of Hull’s underground music venues in our developmental years, but the name BLACKLISTERS was one that seemed so hotly-tipped yet so seemingly shrouded in mystery. We still to this date have never seen them live…
Somewhat stalwarts of the noise-driven side of Leeds’ punk scene, BLACKLISTERS have been displaced by both life and geography, yet surprisingly announced they had finished their new album just as the world had gone to shit. ‘Fantastic Man’ is BLACKLISTERS at their most chaotic, unhinged and intense, which is exactly what is wanted from an act like these. Twelve years into their life as a band, Blacklisters remain a noise-rock powerhouse with no sign of stopping any time soon. If anything, their harsh, creative music has only gotten more vibrant and more energetic.
2020 also saw USA Nails release their fifth album ‘Character Stop’, the record was tracked live over four days at Bear Bites Horse in London with producer Wayne Adams. Though ‘Character Stop’ still features the pummelling noise-punk that USA Nails have become renowned for, it’s balanced with more sober, downbeat moments.
On it they explore identity – like the online personas of aggressive twitter users, influencers and vloggers, as well as more introspective takes on mental health, giving up on dreams, the joy (and despair) of being a part-timer, and contemplating who they would be if they decided to hang up their guitars for good.
Guitarist Gareth Thomas comments, “For me ‘Character Stop’ is the best album USA Nails have ever made by miles. I’m obviously still really happy with all the music we’ve written up to this point, but on this record everything seemed to come together so sweetly. “
We love it – and are glad that they finally get to perform it in front of an audience!
One of our favourite new live acts in Leeds. Angular, hectic, rage-fuelled industrial noise rock. Only two of ‘em but boy do they make a lot of noise. They have released two wicked EPs thus far and we’re excited to see where they’re at by November…
First ever gig. We’ve got no clue what this lot sounds like. Presumably dark noise-rock/post-punk? Watch this space tho!

Friday 3rd December 7:30pm – Part Chimp £11

Having mostly laid dormant since 2009, London noise-rock titans Part Chimp finally returned in 2017 with a new album Iv, released via Rock Action.
Iv followed three acclaimed studio albums, a live record, compilations and split singles and EPs alongside artists including Torche and Hey Colossus, sharing stages along with the way with the likes of Melvins, Deerhoof, Harvey Milk and Isis.
Since their formation in 2000, Part Chimp have carved their own place in the archives of heavy music, with their fuzz-laden seismic rock. With Iv, the band have recorded their most precise piece of work to date, perfectly balancing crushing and intense riffs with undeniable melodies.
With nods to boundary pushing artists from the 60s to the present – from MC5 and Sabbath, to Big Business, Earth and Harvey Milk – it’s clear Part Chimp are not content to simply be labelled as one of the UK’s loudest bands. In everything the band creates, songcraft is as important as the volume at which is played. This has never been more true than now.

Friday 4th Feb 2022 – ANTAGONIZERS ATL 7:30pm £8 advance £10 door
Never losing sight of goals, and pressing onward amidst countless obstacles, Antagonizers ATL have delivered an unbelievable follow up to their debut self-titled LP.
Adding a sixth member, enlisting a few talented friends to help with some key tracks, and really taking the time to hone in on their songwriting, has created an album with strength exuding from every orifice. This record ups the ante, and shows that they only plan on conquering more challenges and goals head-on; eventually taking their incredible live show back out across the globe to share these great tunes with you!
While the world remains more chaotic than anyone would like, and we collectively work our way out of the divisiveness we find in everyday life, it’s good to know that there is strength, consistency, and a unified message and sentiment at least within the greater punk scene!